Tuition and Fees


  • Tuition is an annual fee, paid in 10 equal installments on the first of each month (September - June), regardless of the number of classes in each month. A debit/credit card is required at time of registration.  
  • Tuition fees are posted by class, not cumulative hours (with exceeption of Corp Fees-see below)
  • Tuition is based per student, not per family
  • Tuition payments will be debited the first of each month beginning in September.  
  • There is a 30 day written notice required for all withdraws prior to June and will be billed  the 30 day withdraw period.
  • Students who drop classes prior to January 30th will be required to pay 50% of their remaining tuition balance (Sept-Jan), which will be drawn in full at the time of withdraw.
  • Tuition is not paused for personal vacations, etc.  
  • Students in K-1st Grade Combos and all Levels 1-4 will have a one time fee of $5.00 (per discipline) applied to their account the first month for their class issued hip alignment belt, you will recieve this belt the first week of class. 


Fee Breakdown:

  •  45 minute class- $650 (annually)/ $65 (monthly installment)
  •  60 minute class- $680 (annually)/ $68 (monthly installment)
  •  1.25 hour class- $740 (annually)/ $74 (monthly installment)
  •  1.50 hour class- $820 (annually)/ $82 (monthly installment) 
  •  1.75 hour class- $870 (annually)/ $87 (monthly installment)
  •  2.00 hour class-$920 (annually)/  $92 (monthly installment)



  •  Offered per dancer (not per family) and apply to each subsequent class after the first.
  • $10 off second class
  • $15 off each additional class
  • PBT is a flat fee of $50/month discounts do not apply to this class


Corps Program:

  • Tuition is based on total class hours per week.
  • 5+ hours per week, tuition not to exceed $275 per month.
  • PBT not included in Corps Program Hours (will be additional $50/month)


Registration Fee:

  • Registration, non-refundable, is $40 per dancer per dance year (September - June).  
  • The registration fee will be charged to the debit/credit card on file at time of registration.




Flu and Covid-19: 

  • Please DO NOT come to the studio if you or your student shows signs of Covid-19 or any other cold/flu-like symptoms.  Students showing signs of illness or have a fever will be sent home.
  • For the 2023-24 School year we ask that all students who test positive for Covid-19 quarantine from the studio for atleast five days.
  • Masks for students, parents, and staff are optional for the 2023-24 season.
  • Miss Charity's Shuffles and Chaines Dance Academy takes into consideration Covid-19 guidlines set forth by the CDC and NCDHHS. 
  • There are no make up classes for illness or other personal reasons.



Costume Fee:

  • Summer Concert Costume Fees are due in two installments.  Costume fees will be charged to the credit/debit card on file according to the schedule below.
  • Costume Fees (deposit and balance) are Non-Refundable
    • A $35 per class costume deposit is due November 1.
    • The remaining balance ($35/average per costume) of costume fees is due January 25.
    • Dancers in K-1st Combo classes will have two dances per class, a $70 costume deposit will be required ($35/ballet and $35/tap) along with the remaining balance (for two costumes)

Late/NSF Fees:

  • If the first attempt to bill the card on file fails for any reason, additional billing attempts will be made and fees will be added according to the following schedule:
    • 1st attempt on the 1st of the month
    • 2nd attempt on the 5th of the month
    • 3rd attempt on the 10th of the month and $15 late fee added
    • 4th attempt on the 15th of the month and $30 NSF fee added
    • If the fourth attempt fails, full cash payment arrangements for the remainder of the school year must be made directly with Miss Charity's Shuffles and Chaînés Dance Academy before student can return to class.
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